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Visualization Utilities

Data Structures

struct  _imImageView


typedef struct _imImageView imImageView
typedef int(* _imImageViewMouseCB )(imImageView *image_view, int x, int y, int mode)
typedef int(* _imImageViewRepaintCB )(imImageView *image_view)
typedef int(* _imImageViewResizeCB )(imImageView *image_view)




imImageViewimImageViewCreate (Ihandle *canvas, const imBitmapView *BitmapView)
void imImageViewDestroy (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewChangeImage (imImageView *image_view, imImage *image)
int imImageViewMode (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewFit (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewZoom (imImageView *image_view, int index)
void imImageViewZoomIn (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewZoomOut (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomIndex1 (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomIndex2 (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomPercent (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewPutImage (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewSetCallbacks (_imImageViewRepaintCB repaint, _imImageViewResizeCB resize, _imImageViewMouseCB mouse)
void imImageViewFitRect (int wc, int hc, int wi, int hi, int *w, int *h)
void imImageViewDrawImage (cdCanvas *cd_canvas, imImage *image, int x, int y, int w, int h)
imImage * imImageViewImportImage (void *driver, void *data)
int imImageViewExportImage (void *driver, imImage *image, const char *filename)

Detailed Description

Uses the CD library to draw the image into a IupCanvas. The view can be zoomed and scrolled.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _imImageView imImageView

Image View Canvas

typedef int(* _imImageViewMouseCB)(imImageView *image_view, int x, int y, int mode)

Mouse Callback.

typedef int(* _imImageViewRepaintCB)(imImageView *image_view)

Repaint Callback.

typedef int(* _imImageViewResizeCB)(imImageView *image_view)

Resize Callback.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

View Modes.

anonymous enum

Mouse Modes.


Function Documentation

imImageView* imImageViewCreate ( Ihandle *  canvas,
const imBitmapView BitmapView 

Creates the view.

void imImageViewDestroy ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Destroys the view.

void imImageViewChangeImage ( imImageView image_view,
imImage *  image 

Changes the image and updates the view.

int imImageViewMode ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Returns the view mode.

void imImageViewFit ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Changes the view mode and updates the view.

void imImageViewZoom ( imImageView image_view,
int  index 

Changes the zoom and updates the view in normal mode.

void imImageViewZoomIn ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Increses the zoom and updates the view.

void imImageViewZoomOut ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Decreses the zoom and updates the view.

int imImageViewZoomIndex1 ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Returns the zoom index1 factor where zoom is index1:index2.

int imImageViewZoomIndex2 ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Returns the zoom index2 factor where zoom is index1:index2.

int imImageViewZoomPercent ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Returns the zoom percentage.

int imImageViewPutImage ( imImageView image_view  ) 

Repaint the view.

void imImageViewSetCallbacks ( _imImageViewRepaintCB  repaint,
_imImageViewResizeCB  resize,
_imImageViewMouseCB  mouse 

Changes the view callbacks.

void imImageViewFitRect ( int  wc,
int  hc,
int  wi,
int  hi,
int *  w,
int *  h 

Returns the rectangle that fits the image in the center of the view.

void imImageViewDrawImage ( cdCanvas *  cd_canvas,
imImage *  image,
int  x,
int  y,
int  w,
int  h 

Draws an image in the current CD cd_canvas.

imImage* imImageViewImportImage ( void *  driver,
void *  data 

Uses the cdPlay function to render an imagem from the file or clipboard.

int imImageViewExportImage ( void *  driver,
imImage *  image,
const char *  filename 

Used the CD library to export the image to a file or clipboard.