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imlabImageDocument Class Reference

#include <imagedocument.h>

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Public Member Functions

int Close ()
void ChangeImage (imImage *NewImage, const char *format,...)
void HasChanged ()
void CreateView (const char *type)
void UpdateViews ()
void RefreshViews ()
Ihandle * ShowView (const char *type)
void RemoveView (Ihandle *view_dialog)
void SetBitmapOptions (int cpx2real, double gamma, int absolute, int cast_mode)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

imlabImageDocument::imlabImageDocument ( imlabImageFile NewImageFile  ) 
imlabImageDocument::~imlabImageDocument (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int imlabImageDocument::Close (  ) 

Closes the image document. Check if saved.

void imlabImageDocument::ChangeImage ( imImage *  NewImage,
const char *  format,

Replaces the image by another. Store the old in the undo, mark document as changed, update views, and print a log message.

void imlabImageDocument::HasChanged (  ) 

The image was changed directly or the image file was changed, update the interface

void imlabImageDocument::ClearUndo (  ) 
int imlabImageDocument::HasUndo (  ) 
int imlabImageDocument::HasRedo (  ) 
void imlabImageDocument::Undo (  ) 
void imlabImageDocument::Redo (  ) 
void imlabImageDocument::CreateView ( const char *  type  ) 

Creates a view

void imlabImageDocument::UpdateViews (  ) 

Updates all the views.

void imlabImageDocument::RefreshViews (  ) 

Redraw all the views.

Ihandle* imlabImageDocument::ShowView ( const char *  type  ) 

Finds and shows a view.

void imlabImageDocument::RemoveView ( Ihandle *  view_dialog  ) 

Remove a view from the view list

void imlabImageDocument::SetBitmapOptions ( int  cpx2real,
double  gamma,
int  absolute,
int  cast_mode 

Changes the default bitmap view parameters for new image documents

const char* imlabImageDocument::DlgTitle ( const char *  title  ) 
void imlabImageDocument::PushUndo ( imImage *  image  )  [protected]
void imlabImageDocument::UpdateViewsTitle (  )  [protected]

Field Documentation

imImage* * imlabImageDocument::UndoStack [protected]

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