File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
bitmapwindow.h [code]Bitmap Window
counter.h [code]Counter Timer
counter_preview.h [code]Counter and Preview Management
dialogs.h [code]Some usefull dialogs
documentlist.h [code]Document List
histogramwindow.h [code]Histogram Window
im_clipboard.h [code]Clipboard copy/paste for imImage using IUP
im_imagematch.h [code]Image Matching
im_imageview.h [code]Image View using CD and IUP
imagecapture.h [code]Image Capture Dialog
imagedocument.h [code]Image Document
imagefile.h [code]Image File Associates an image with a file and a file format
imagewindow.h [code]Image Window Base class for all image windows
imlab.h [code]Application main functions.
Some functions use only for Main.
Log utilities and aplication version string
imlab_images.h [code]
kernel.h [code]Kernel for Convolution
mainwindow.h [code]
matrixwindow.h [code]Matrix Window
plugin_process.h [code]Process PlugIn Management. Used by the imlabImageDocument
resultswindow.h [code]Results Window
statusbar.h [code]Status Bar for IUP Dialogs
tridimwindow.h [code]3D Window
utl_file.h [code]File Utilities