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imlab.h File Reference

Application main functions.
Some functions use only for Main.
Log utilities and aplication version string. More...

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#define IMLAB_TITLE   "ImLab 3.1"
#define IMLAB_BUILD   "17 Jun 2017"


struct _sbStatusBarimlabStatusBar (void)
void imlabLogMessagef (const char *format,...)
void imlabNewWindowPos (int *xpos, int *ypos)
imlabImageDocumentimlabGetCurrentDocument (Ihandle *ih)

Detailed Description

Define Documentation

#define IMLAB_TITLE   "ImLab 3.1"

ImLab Version

#define IMLAB_BUILD   "17 Jun 2017"

IMLAB Release Date

Function Documentation

struct _sbStatusBar* imlabStatusBar ( void   )  [read]

Returns the main window status bar

void imlabLogMessagef ( const char *  format,

Sends a text to the Log area using sprintf format

void imlabNewWindowPos ( int *  xpos,
int *  ypos 

Calculates the position for a new window

imlabImageDocument* imlabGetCurrentDocument ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Returns the image document given an IUP control (since 3.0 can be NULL)

void imlabSetCurrentDocument ( imlabImageDocument document  ) 
Ihandle* imlabSubmenu ( const char *  title,
Ihandle *  child 
Ihandle* imlabItem ( const char *  title,
const char *  action 
Ihandle* imlabConfig ( void   )