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imagecapture.h File Reference

Image Capture Dialog. More...

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typedef int(* imlabImageCaptureCallback )(void *user_data, imImage *image, int device)
typedef void(* imlabImageCaptureConfig )(void *user_data, void *videocapture)


void imlabImageCaptureImageShow (const char *title, void *user_data, imlabImageCaptureCallback _capture_callback, imlabImageCaptureCallback _preview_callback, imlabImageCaptureConfig _config_callback)
void imlabImageCaptureAll (void *user_data, imlabImageCaptureCallback _capture_callback)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* imlabImageCaptureCallback)(void *user_data, imImage *image, int device)

Optional image capture callback. If return 1 capture continuously. If return 0 stop capturing.

typedef void(* imlabImageCaptureConfig)(void *user_data, void *videocapture)

Optional capture config callback. If videocapture==NULL the dialog is about to close. Uses an imVideoCapture object.

Function Documentation

void imlabImageCaptureImageShow ( const char *  title,
void *  user_data,
imlabImageCaptureCallback  _capture_callback,
imlabImageCaptureCallback  _preview_callback,
imlabImageCaptureConfig  _config_callback 

Displays the image capture dialog. Windows Only. Implemented in imagecapture.c

void imlabImageCaptureAll ( void *  user_data,
imlabImageCaptureCallback  _capture_callback 

Captures one image from each available device.