counter_preview.h File Reference

Counter and Preview Management. More...

#include <iup.h>
#include <iupcontrols.h>
#include <im_image.h>
#include <im_util.h>
#include "im_imagematch.h"
#include "imagedocument.h"
#include "documentlist.h"
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void imlabCounterCreateProgressDlg ()
void imlabCounterReleaseProgressDlg ()
void imlabCounterEnable (int enable)
Ihandle * imlabProcessPreviewInit (imlabImageDocument *document, imImage *image, imImage *NewImage)
void imlabProcessPreviewUpdate (Ihandle *preview)
void imlabProcessPreviewReset (Ihandle *preview)
int imlabProcessPreviewCheckParam (Ihandle *param_box, int param_index, const char *preview_param, Ihandle *preview, int *param_readonly)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void imlabCounterCreateProgressDlg (  ) 

creates the dialog. Called only by main_window.

void imlabCounterReleaseProgressDlg (  ) 

releases the dialog. Called only by main_window.

void imlabCounterEnable ( int  enable  ) 

enable/disable the counter dialog

Ihandle* imlabProcessPreviewInit ( imlabImageDocument document,
imImage *  image,
imImage *  NewImage 

initializes the Preview logic

void imlabProcessPreviewUpdate ( Ihandle *  preview  ) 

updates the current image with Preview contents

void imlabProcessPreviewReset ( Ihandle *  preview  ) 

reset the image and the preview toggle

int imlabProcessPreviewCheckParam ( Ihandle *  param_box,
int  param_index,
const char *  preview_param,
Ihandle *  preview,
int *  param_readonly 

checks for a Preview toggle in IupGetParam dialogs