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im_imageview.h File Reference

Image View using CD and IUP. More...

#include <cd.h>
#include <iup.h>
#include <im.h>
#include <im_image.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _imBitmapView
struct  _imImageView


typedef struct _imImageView imImageView
typedef int(* _imImageViewMouseCB )(imImageView *image_view, int x, int y, int mode)
typedef int(* _imImageViewRepaintCB )(imImageView *image_view)
typedef int(* _imImageViewResizeCB )(imImageView *image_view)




imImageViewimImageViewCreate (Ihandle *canvas, const imBitmapView *BitmapView)
void imImageViewDestroy (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewChangeImage (imImageView *image_view, imImage *image)
int imImageViewMode (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewFit (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewZoom (imImageView *image_view, int index)
void imImageViewZoomIn (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewZoomOut (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomIndex1 (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomIndex2 (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewZoomPercent (imImageView *image_view)
int imImageViewPutImage (imImageView *image_view)
void imImageViewSetCallbacks (_imImageViewRepaintCB repaint, _imImageViewResizeCB resize, _imImageViewMouseCB mouse)
void imImageViewFitRect (int wc, int hc, int wi, int hi, int *w, int *h)
void imImageViewDrawImage (cdCanvas *cd_canvas, imImage *image, int x, int y, int w, int h)
imImage * imImageViewImportImage (void *driver, void *data)
int imImageViewExportImage (void *driver, imImage *image, const char *filename)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _imBitmapView imBitmapView

Function Documentation

void imBitmapViewInit ( imBitmapView BitmapView  ) 
int imBitmapViewUpdateImage ( imBitmapView BitmapView,
imImage *  image 
void imBitmapViewRelease ( imBitmapView BitmapView  ) 
int imImageViewData2Str ( char *  str,
const void *  data,
int  index,
int  data_type,
int  more_prec 
int imImageViewStr2Data ( const char *  str,
void *  data,
int  index,
int  data_type 
double imDataGetDouble ( const void *  data,
int  index,
int  data_type 
void imDataSetDouble ( const void *  data,
int  index,
int  data_type,
double  value