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imagedocument.h File Reference

Image Document. More...

#include <iup.h>
#include "imagefile.h"
#include "im_imageview.h"
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Data Structures

class  imlabImageDocument


void imlabImageDocumentCreateFromImage (imImage *NewImage, const char *format_title, const char *format_history,...)
void imlabImageDocumentCreateFromFileName (const char *FileName)
void imlabImageDocumentCreateNewImage (int width, int height, int color_mode, int data_type)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void imlabImageDocumentCreateFromImage ( imImage *  NewImage,
const char *  format_title,
const char *  format_history,

Creates an image document from an image and a format string for the title.

void imlabImageDocumentCreateFromFileName ( const char *  FileName  ) 

Creates an image document from a file

void imlabImageDocumentCreateNewImage ( int  width,
int  height,
int  color_mode,
int  data_type 

Creates a new image document