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plugin_process.h File Reference

Process PlugIn Management. Used by the imlabImageDocument. More...

#include <iup.h>
#include <iupcontrols.h>
#include <im_image.h>
#include <im_util.h>
#include "im_imagematch.h"
#include "imagedocument.h"
#include "documentlist.h"
#include "counter_preview.h"
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Data Structures

struct  imlabProcPlugIn


void imlabProcPlugInInit (Ihandle *mnProcess)
void imlabProcPlugInFinish (void)
void imlabProcPlugInUpdate (Ihandle *mnProcess)
Ihandle * imlabProcNewItem (Ihandle *mnProcess, char *title, char *proc_name, Icallback cb, int update)
void imlabProcPlugInUpdateItem (Ihandle *mnProcess, char *process, int(*match_func)(const imImage *image))
void imlabProcPlugInRegister (imlabProcPlugIn *plug_in, Ihandle *mnProcess)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void imlabProcPlugInInit ( Ihandle *  mnProcess  ) 

Initializes all the regitered plugins

void imlabAnaPlugInInit ( Ihandle *  mnProcess  ) 
void imlabProcPlugInFinish ( void   ) 

Finishes all the registered plugins

void imlabProcPlugInUpdate ( Ihandle *  mnProcess  ) 

Updates all the menus items in the process menu

Ihandle* imlabProcNewItem ( Ihandle *  mnProcess,
char *  title,
char *  proc_name,
Icallback  cb,
int  update 

Creates a new menu item for the process menu Very usefull for plugin initialization.

void imlabProcPlugInUpdateItem ( Ihandle *  mnProcess,
char *  process,
int(*)(const imImage *image)  match_func 

Update an item in the process menu acording to the current image. Very usefull for plugin update.

void imlabProcPlugInRegister ( imlabProcPlugIn plug_in,
Ihandle *  mnProcess 

Registers a plugin