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statusbar.h File Reference

Status Bar for IUP Dialogs. More...

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Data Structures

struct  _sbStatusBar


typedef struct _sbStatusBar sbStatusBar


sbStatusBarsbCreate (Ihandle *iupCanvas)
void sbKill (sbStatusBar *sb)
void sbDrawZoom (sbStatusBar *sb, int z1, int z2)
void sbDrawMessage (sbStatusBar *sb, const char *Msg)
void sbDrawPercent (sbStatusBar *sb, int p)
char * sbDrawXY (sbStatusBar *sb, int x, int y)
char * sbDrawX (sbStatusBar *sb, int x)
char * sbDrawAB (sbStatusBar *sb, void *a, void *b, int data_type)
char * sbDrawABC (sbStatusBar *sb, void *a, void *b, void *c, int data_type)
char * sbDrawABCD (sbStatusBar *sb, void *a, void *b, void *c, void *d, int data_type)
char * sbDrawA (sbStatusBar *sb, void *a, int data_type)
char * sbDrawMap (sbStatusBar *sb, long color, unsigned char i)
void sbClear (sbStatusBar *sb)

Detailed Description

Must create a IupCanvas with the attributes: RASTERSIZE=1x26 EXPAND=HORIZONTAL BORDER=NO

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _sbStatusBar sbStatusBar

Status Bar

Function Documentation

sbStatusBar* sbCreate ( Ihandle *  iupCanvas  ) 

Creates the status bar

void sbKill ( sbStatusBar sb  ) 

Destroys the status bar

void sbDrawZoom ( sbStatusBar sb,
int  z1,
int  z2 

Draws zoom information

void sbDrawMessage ( sbStatusBar sb,
const char *  Msg 

Draws a text

void sbDrawPercent ( sbStatusBar sb,
int  p 

Draws a percentage

char* sbDrawXY ( sbStatusBar sb,
int  x,
int  y 

Draws position information

char* sbDrawX ( sbStatusBar sb,
int  x 

Draws position information

char* sbDrawAB ( sbStatusBar sb,
void *  a,
void *  b,
int  data_type 

Draws 2 component color information

char* sbDrawABC ( sbStatusBar sb,
void *  a,
void *  b,
void *  c,
int  data_type 

Draws 3 component color information

char* sbDrawABCD ( sbStatusBar sb,
void *  a,
void *  b,
void *  c,
void *  d,
int  data_type 

Draws 4 component color information

char* sbDrawA ( sbStatusBar sb,
void *  a,
int  data_type 

Draws gray information

char* sbDrawMap ( sbStatusBar sb,
long  color,
unsigned char  i 

Draws indexed color information

void sbClear ( sbStatusBar sb  ) 

Clears all the areas