dialogs.h File Reference

Some usefull dialogs. More...

#include "imagefile.h"
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char * imlabDlgGetSizeDesc (double *size)
int imlabDlgGetNewSize (int *width, int *height, int *order, int org_width, int org_height)
int imlabDlgGetSaveAsImageFileName (char *filename, int is_multi)
int imlabDlgGetOpenImageFileName (char *filename)
int imlabDlgGetOpenImageFileNamePreview (char *filename)
int imlabDlgGetNewImageParam (int *width, int *height, int *color_space, int *data_type)
int imlabDlgGetRAWImageParam (int *top_down, int *switch_type, int *byte_order, int *packed, int *padding, unsigned long *offset, int *ascii)
void imlabDlgMessagef (const char *title, const char *format,...)
int imlabDlgImageFileSaveAs (imImage *image, char *filename, char *format, char *compression, int is_multi)
void imlabDlgImageFileInfo (const char *filetitle, const imlabImageFile *ImageFile)
int imlabDlgImageFileEditAttrib (const char *filetitle, imlabImageFile *ImageFile)
void imlabDlgFileErrorMsg (const char *title, int err, const char *filename)
void imlabDlgFullScreen (imImage *image, int fit)
int imlabDlgEditPalette (const char *filetitle, long *palette, int *palette_count)
int imlabDlgCheckKernelParam (Ihandle *dialog, Ihandle *kernel_param, int *kernel_size)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

char* imlabDlgGetSizeDesc ( double *  size  ) 

Returns the optimal size unit and scale the size to the unit. Original size must be in bytes.

int imlabDlgGetNewSize ( int *  width,
int *  height,
int *  order,
int  org_width,
int  org_height 

Dialog to retrieve a new image size

int imlabDlgGetNewSizeCheck ( Ihandle *  dialog,
int  param_index,
void *  user_data 
int imlabDlgGetSaveAsImageFileName ( char *  filename,
int  is_multi 

Dialog to retrieve a file name for saving

int imlabDlgGetOpenImageFileName ( char *  filename  ) 

Dialog to retrieve a file name for reading

int imlabDlgGetOpenImageFileNamePreview ( char *  filename  ) 

Dialog to retrieve a file name for reading an image with a Preview area

int imlabDlgSelectFile ( char *  filename,
const char *  type,
const char *  title,
const char *  extfilter,
const char *  dirname 
int imlabDlgGetNewImageParam ( int *  width,
int *  height,
int *  color_space,
int *  data_type 

Dialog to retrieve parameters for a new image

int imlabDlgGetRAWImageParam ( int *  top_down,
int *  switch_type,
int *  byte_order,
int *  packed,
int *  padding,
unsigned long *  offset,
int *  ascii 

Dialog to retrieve parameters for a RAW image file

void imlabDlgMessagef ( const char *  title,
const char *  format,

Dialog to shows a message using sprintf format

int imlabDlgImageFileSaveAs ( imImage *  image,
char *  filename,
char *  format,
char *  compression,
int  is_multi 

Dialog to save the image in a given format

void imlabDlgImageFileInfo ( const char *  filetitle,
const imlabImageFile ImageFile 

Dialog to show image information

int imlabDlgImageFileEditAttrib ( const char *  filetitle,
imlabImageFile ImageFile 

Dialog to manage image attributes

void imlabDlgFileErrorMsg ( const char *  title,
int  err,
const char *  filename 

Dialog to show an IM error message when accessing a file, must be defined somewhere else.

void imlabDlgMemoryErrorMsg ( void   ) 
void imlabDlgFullScreen ( imImage *  image,
int  fit 

Displays the image in full screen. Implemented in fullscreen.c

int imlabDlgEditPalette ( const char *  filetitle,
long *  palette,
int *  palette_count 

Displays a dialog to edit a palette

int imlabDlgCheckKernelParam ( Ihandle *  dialog,
Ihandle *  kernel_param,
int *  kernel_size 

Checks if a kernel_size parameter in a IupGetParam dialog is odd and >3.

int imlabDlgGetConstant ( const char *  filetitle,
const char *  title,
int  color_space,
double *  param 
int imlabDlgQuestion ( const char *  msg,
int  has_cancel